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Heritage and Education

With heritage at its heart, Dreamland offers a wealth of learning and story-telling opportunities. It has an abundance of themes to exploit, ranging from the British railway boom to the origins of amusement parks, circus, cinema, modernist architecture, popular culture, youth cults and many more. 

The Dreamland Heritage Trust celebrates the importance of Dreamland’s unique past and its significant place in the history of British seaside towns and popular cultural heritage – it is a treasure chest just waiting to be opened and explored! 

With Dreamland’s rich history and wide-ranging themes, learning becomes an exciting journey of discovery and interaction that represents the best of family-friendly fun, yet also supports formal learning.

From primary schools to adult learners, community projects, research and symposia, The Dreamland Heritage Trust aims to help everyone develop an understanding of our cultural heritage. We are currently developing our learning and engagement programme, which will include school activities, academic research, archiving, publications, training, talks, tours, exhibition, projects, workshops, film screenings and creative interpretation. 

The Dreamland Heritage Trust is also developing the Academic Research Access programme, including presentations, projects, talks, tours, exhibitions, publications, media and archive access. This, together with the learning and engagement programmes, are currently under development for implementation towards the end of 2020. In the meantime, if you wish to discuss any projects or ideas, please contact for more information. 

Archive and Collections

The Dreamland Trust is a member of the Independent Museums Association. Since its formation, it has been building a donated archive of images, ephemera, and documentation. In addition to the archive, The Trust also holds the Historic Rides Collection, associated objects and amusement park artefacts. 

The Trust aims to make the collections and archive accessible through learning, exhibition, publication, talks, presentations, and heritage events and activities. The Trust also works with other organisations, archives, museums, learning providers and private collectors to interpret heritage. 

The Trust has worked in partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University to develop an online Dreamland portal on the SEAS website. Visitors are invited to explore Dreamland’s many heritage themes, from the site’s early origins in the 1860s railway boom and emerging tourism, circus, pleasure gardens, menageries, social history, historic thrill rides, British seaside amusement park and youth culture heritage.

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