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Memories of Dreamland

Memory Photo

I first went to Dreamland in 1946

I first went to Dreamland in 1946 when it opened after the war and remember the ducks that you picked up with hooks on a cane. Also had my first ice cream there. 

Delia L

Memory Photo

I worked in Dreamland when I was 18

My Grandfather Charlie Beeching would repair workers shoes in the workshop below the scenic railway. I worked in Dreamland at weekends when I was 18 and always remember the song “When day is done” being played over the tanoys at the end of the evening. 

Raymond B

Memory Photo

The Tom Jones ride collapsed

I worked at Dreamland from 1962 and was there when the Tom Jones ride collapsed.  

Bill L

Memory Photo

Riding a pony around a little track

My father was a local photographer and would take pictures of the people when they got off the coaches. I would then get their details so that dad could sell them to the people later that day. Also riding a pony around a little track.

Carol T

Memory Photo

It was real magic there in the 60’s. 

I remember the sounds and smells of Dreamland. My dad Bill Ayling owned the Ashley House Hotel and customers would take me with them to Dreamland. It was real magic there in the 60’s. 

Beverley N

Memory Photo

Only once and never again!

I remember going on the double wheel. Only once and never again! 

Mavis G

Memory Photo

I spent many happy days there

My Grandad Len Mancey was park manager from 1946 and I spent many happy days there. 

Lynn P

Memory Photo

Sneaking free rides!

My dad worked on the scenic railway and we were there every weekend sneaking free rides! 

Laura R

Memory Photo

Fascinated by the lady in the fish bowl

Loved the fireworks on Thursday evening and was fascinated by the The lady in the fish bowl. Also loved the river caves. 

Marian M

Memory Photo

I have never been on a ride since!

In 1981 I went on the Mary Rose with my children…. I have never been on a ride since!

Terrie K

Since the early 1900s, people have been flocking to Dreamland with their sweethearts, their families and friends, having fun and making memories. The Dreamland Trust are building an archive of stories and pictures, these are just a few from our collection. If you have any photographs, memorabilia or stories that you would like to share with the Trust we would love to hear from you.

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